Construir una plataforma dinámica que recaude fondos, inspire el compromiso y cree un cambio positivo duradero a través del poder de la narración y la inversión.



Qué ofrecemos

To create a sustainable charity model that utilizes travel vlog content to raise awareness and funds, while the interest generated from the initial investment supports monthly charitable activities.
SHYVIS aims to revolutionize the way charity organizations raise funds by combining the reach and engagement of digital media with a sustainable financial model. The approach involves creating compelling travel vlog content to promote fundraising campaigns.The capital received will be deposited in a local bank to earn a 5% monthly interest, which will then finance various charitable activities.
Beneficios del modelo
Sustainable Funding: By generating monthly interest from the initial investment, we ensure a continuous stream of funds for charitable activities.
Increased Awareness: Our travel vlog will raise awareness about important issues and the work of various charity organizations, encouraging more people to get involved and support.
Community Engagement: Engaging content will help build a community of supporters who are emotionally and financially invested in our cause.
Transparency and Trust: Regular updates and reports will foster trust and transparency with our donors, ensuring that they see the real impact of their contributions.

Grupo objetivo

SHYVIS serves charity organizations, local small businesses, and the broader community by raising awareness and funds for important causes while promoting local economic development. SHYVIS focuses on creating a sustainable funding model for charity organizations through engaging travel vlogs and bike tours. The content will also promote local small businesses, thus fostering economic growth in local communities.


Secure Initial Funding: Raise $100,000 - $500,000 in capital to kickstart the project.
Content Creation: Develop and launch our first series of travel vlogs and bike tours.
Build Partnerships: Establish collaborations with at least 10 charity organizations and 20 local small businesses.
Audience Engagement: Grow our social media presence and build a community of at least 10,000 engaged followers across platforms.
Operational Setup: Set up the financial management system and ensure transparent reporting mechanisms are in place.

Nuestra Historia

I am writing this project, united by the shared commitment to make a difference in the world. I am driven by a promise that I made to very important people in my life. I promised them that I will save as many people as I can.